Poetry – Happiness and Fulfilment

Happiness and Fulfilment

Happiness is a mystery

A concoction of hormones

And electricity.

Triggered by love

By beauty, wonder

And the sky above;

By poetry, satiation


And the present tenses

Of the senses.

Fulfilment is deeper

And more long lasting

Giving you satisfaction

You can bask in.

Happiness and fulfilment make everything worthwhile

And give you a reason to smile!

Opher – 20.4.2020

It seems to me that everyone is in search of happiness and contentment. We think we’ll find it in wealth and power. We think we need more and more.

But true contentment and fulfilment comes from inner peace and creativity. It is not a product of acquisition.

Money and power are like sugar – they give you a sugar rush but it doesn’t last. It is addictive and destructive.