A Letter in the Guardian that says a lot about Covid, Brexit and the Hostile Environment. Jane Ghosh.

John Peachey sent me this through. It sums up what a lot of us think. There is an underlying racism that lurks in a segment of our population. It is a hatred of foreigners. It fuelled Brexit and created a nasty hostile environment – a policy adopted by the Tory Home Office under Priti Patel, that drove many crucial workers out of the country – highly competent doctors, nurses and carers, vegetable pickers and factory workers. Just the very people we all rely on during this pandemic.

Jane Ghosh summed it up.

‘Hospitals face horrendous choices over who gets care’
When will the public and our government wake up to the fact that we have been landed in this situation because EU and commonwealth citizens have been made to feel unwanted by Brexit rhetoric, anti immigration measures and entrenched xenophobia? If we had welcomed people to work here, our Nightingale hospitals could have been staffed and there would be no need to ration care.
Jane Ghosh.Bristol