Opher Goodwin’s Covid Diary books

Here is a list of some of my Covid Diary books (all available in paperback or kindle and some in Hardback):

The Corona Diaries Pt. 1A collection of outrageous daily blog posts from the Covid Pandemic.
The inept lying politicians – the complacency, stupidity and panic.
Political satire, humour, disgust, fear, boredom and disbelief are all evident in this collection.
They tell the story of life in lockdown – the walks, wonders of nature, courage of the frontline workers, isolation, the music, reading, writing and decoration – the profound, the extraordinary and the mundane.
This is how it was!
The Corona Diaries Pt. 1 (210 days from March 15th 2020 to October 19th 2020): Amazon.co.uk: Goodwin, Opher: 9798397064576: Books
The Corona Diaries Pt. 2This is part two of my irreverent diaries. Opinionated, biased, rude, extremely antiTory and just plain nasty. I make no apologies. They come to you completely uncensored, unexpurgated and raw. I haven’t even attempted to tidy them up so you’ll probably find them oozing with grammos and spellos. I hope you’ll find it in you to forgive. I wanted you to get the flavour of my original posts just as I put them out on the day.
I never intended these to be published. I started writing the diary in lockdown firstly to communicate my feelings to my readers and secondly to get things off my chest.
Lockdown was a strange, unreal time, like no other in my life.
This is a record of how I was feeling and thinking, what I was doing and my emotional state.
The Corona Diaries Pt. 2 (Day 211 – Day 410 – October 12th 2020 – May 7th 2021): Amazon.co.uk: Goodwin, Opher: 9798850263287: Books

  There will be four or five of these Diaries before I have finished. The rest of my daily rants are sitting in my blog! I have to extract them. Thank you for looking. Why not try one or two? And please leave a review! Cheers Opher