Nuisance Telephone Calls – They have got to be joking!


Somewhere out there is an army of people working their way down lists all after talking to the home owner.

We have the Telephone Preference Service but they still call.

7.20 am. yesterday I got a call offering me a new boiler! Am I going to buy a new boiler at that time of the morning?

I just get started on some work and the phone rings. I turn my music down, save my work and answer the phone to find an automated message telling me to listen to this urgent information or else it is silence followed by ‘The other person has cleared’.

Does anybody ever buy anything off these clowns?

The amount of time and energy I waste dealing with spam, unsolicited advertising and nuisance calls! My life would be a lot easier without all those stupid bastards!!!!

OK – that’s it – all grumpiness cathartically dealt with. I’ll turn my brain to ISIS and Syria for a bit!

The change in my Junk mail!! From sexual athlete to corpse!


It has been very interesting to see the change in my junk mail since my last birthday. It may just be coincidence but I think it is most probably the significant and subtle use of advertising that is aimed at specific generic groups. My birthday has eased me out of one grouping and into another.

I am no longer inundated with adverts for Viagra and penis enlargement. At my age the assumption is that I no longer have any use for a huge penis and a dose of Viagra would probably finish me off. It is also apparent that there are no longer thousands of young ladies eager to date me. I no longer get dating agencies falling over themselves to pair me off with my ideal woman.

Instead of these appealing offers I find myself regaled with offers of reduced Funeral costs and pension retrieval.

It’s best to get your hands on your money before you pop your clogs!

Aaah! Isn’t it great the way we are all monitored and targeted. We are consumer units in a global market! Our tastes, interests and needs are matched up with the relevant group to refine the personal targeting.

They know more about me than I do!

PS – I immediately went on line to order lots of Viagra and made enquiries about getting the dong addressed. I’ve joined five dating agencies and six extreme sport holidays – but have started enquiries into leaving my body to medical science.

I’m not going to let those bastards put me in a pigeon-hole!! There’s still ink in the printer!!