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  1. “The man has consistently produced legislation to cut corners on the environment and health and safety. It maximises profits and puts more money in the pockets of the rich (under the guise of producing more jobs) and who give a flying fuck about the effects on nature or workers’ health!”

    Do you really think O was concerned with anyone’s health or wellbeing? No. He was after the redistribution of wealth. It is a silly notion that Climate Change can be solved by giving money to third world countries so they can frolic on the beach naked all day.

    1. Leroy – Inequality is the biggest problem with America. It is this naïve love affair with runaway capitalism. The end result is all the wealth and power concentrated in a tiny elite and millions living in abject poverty.
      There is more than enough for everyone to live well. It is merely poorly distributed.
      Obama was very concerned with the health and well-being of ordinary people and the environment. He oversaw much good legislation to protect peoples’ health and safety, to provide a safety net, to protect the environment from profiteers (and to prepare for a pandemic). It is Trump, with his ignorance and lack of understanding about science and the environment, who disbanded all those institutions, cut funding and brought in legislation that took away workers rights and environmental protection – under the guise of stoking the economy. In actual fact he was filling his own pockets and those of his rich friends.

  2. “They sold their souls for power. Now they are allied to Trump and he is being seen for the toxic child he is. The Republican party will go down with the Trumpian ship – and good riddance! They are morally corrupt. The Republican party has been taken over by Tea Party extremists who are complete nutcases. Trump is the manifestation of that stupidity. The flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists and religious fanatics have taken over the asylum.”

    Didn’t you predict that in 2016 along with Marilynn and SOT? Who knows what will happen. Even a blink hog finds a nut every now and then. I’m surprised you are still making predictions after that embarrassment. Yes. If you believe CNN, Trump will lose in a landslide, just like last time. The election of Biden is an existential threat to the US.

    The Tea Party is passé, BTW. You need to find another conspiracy theory. Did you know that it originally included Democrats, Republicans, and Independents? It stood for a responsible government. What were those nutcases thinking? Ultimately, they were so denigrated by the left that the “party” faded away.

    1. Hey Leroy – I don’t remember predicting anything in previous elections. It was very knife-edge. In fact Hilary won by three million but the strange system you have over there put Trump in.
      The Tea Party is thankfully dead. A very American phenomenon of extremists. But it paved the way for this wave of right-wing extremism that has plunged the USA into division, hate and extremism. They faded away because they were nutcases.
      I’m not particularly enamoured with Biden but I’d vote for a sack of shit rather than Trump. He is a danger to the whole planet. The man is a petulant child. He has ravaged nature and caused problems all around the world. It has been like putting an overgrown child in charge. That’s what you get with spoilt rich kids.

  3. “It isn’t about puddles on farms. It’s about run off into waterways that kills wildlife and pollutes water.”

    I forgive your ignorance of American farming. It is quite literally about mud puddles. Cattle farmers take advantage of natural depressions or create them to make watering holes for cattle. If one dries up or they wanted to get rid of one they created, they had to get permission from the government. When these watering holes start to dry up, they literally become mud puddles. Do you believe farmers should be so tightly regulated? Nonsense. It is about the government exerting control over farming.

      1. “There’s nothing wrong with puddles and ponds; there is with run-off and pollution.”

        So, you agree that the government shouldn’t regulate mud puddles. Good. Common ground at last.

      2. Leroy – I agree that a government should not interfere with minutiae. They should be concerned with anything that impacts on the environment or other people and the care of livestock, other than that they have no place.

  4. “I agree that a government should not interfere with minutiae.”

    I am glad you agree that the government doesn’t need to regulate every facet of our lives. IMHO, that is precisely what O tried to do and what Clinton would have completed had she been elected. Essentially, what he pushed for was nominal property rights and de facto government control. That is my definition of fascism. If you don’t control your property, then you don’t own it. And, that makes it just another form of socialism. The only difference between that and communism is that extreme left fascism gives the illusion of property rights.

    1. Leroy – firstly I think you have misunderstood what Obama was doing, and, secondly I see you are misusing political expressions – fascism, communism and socialism. McCarthy created his witch-hunt in the fifties and was roundly ridiculed for it, but incredibly the American people swallowed it hook, line and sinker. They now support a system that feeds all the wealth to a tiny minority, call it American capitalism, and think any deviation from it is going to rob them of their freedom and call that socialism. Sad.

    2. Leroy
      Like many these days, you really need to brush-up on the true classic definition of Fascism as most of us learned it back in Junior High:

      “Definition of fascism
      1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
      2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control early instances of army fascism and brutality”

      What we are seeing here in the US under Trump is a manipulation of our system and erosion of the Constitution as the first phase of his efforts to institute Autocratic Fascism. In his mind, he will only be able to compete with his present world Dictator mentors and heroes when he obtains the ability to fully control our news and information sources and is able to stifle free speech and the right of assembly.

      And for those who may not be aware (depending on what you use for your news and information) Trump essentially just took over the Voice of America, which is the US international broadcasting service for radio and television. His operatives are still working to also purchase OANN, an extreme right wing TV news outlet.

      1. Bill, my definition is so ingrained in me, that I had forgotten who influenced me. I had to look it up. It comes from Ludwig von Mises. I used to read his works in my younger days. My definition is perhaps a little more succinct but is essentially the same. Ludwig von Mises trumps any dictionary definition that you can come up with. He accurately defined fascism as a form of socialism.

        Regulations are a means of controlling private owners. What the US government is tending towards is sometimes termed corporate cronyism. It is not capitalism, quite the opposite. It is government and corporations working together to suppress individual freedom and competition, such as we see with the censoring today by Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and the MSM.

        O ruled by decree, issuing executive orders ad nauseam. He bragged about bypassing Congress. He was an authoritarian. And, as an example, today, we see DACA become law, a presidential decree. O even said that he knew it was illegal, yet, our Supreme Court continues to make law. The same with the ruling a day or two before. That, my friend, is the erosion of the Constitution. There is no doubt that the US is tending towards fascism. Corporate interest trump private interest today. And, you guys think that is the proper role of government.

      2. Leroy – there is no way of discussing anything if you go making up your own definition of words. Words are symbols. They only work if the symbol means the same thing to all people. You are just trying to create a fake definition. We all know what fascism is. Socialism is not fascism. That is utterly ridiculous.
        Certainly I would agree that government is in bed with big business and big business is controlling peoples’ lives. The world is being run by a wealthy elite who, through control of the media, corruption, bribes and canvassing, control politicians and political systems. That is capitalism. It is also exactly what Trump represents. He is part of that elite and exemplifies it. Everything he has done has funnelled wealth and power to that elite.
        Socialism is the opposite of that. It takes power from the elite and gives it to the people.
        You are right, under Trump, who flouts the law, refusing to comply – such as with his tax returns, nepotism and business – is acting as a totalitarian fascist.
        The purpose of government is simple – they are elected by us to look after our needs. They have to ensure our safety, that we are cared for and have our freedoms. I certainly do not think it is right that big business controls us or that the political process is controlled by the elite. I want a government that represents the interest of the people and creates a fairer society where wealth is distributed more equally and the infrastructures we all depend on are properly organised and funded – education, health, transport, social services, welfare, defence, policing – at present these services are done on the cheap because too big a slice of the cake is going to the elite.

      3. It doesn’t matter who Von Mises or anybody else is, language is language. Every word has a meaning. It is no use me calling a car a cup and expecting everybody to accept my definition. Fascism is fascism.

  5. Amazed ol leamo leroy hasn’t cheered Orange F**k on to bring the army into Seattle. Trumpy shoulda called the army in to attend his Nuremburg ralley. Get dullsa in Tulsa,eh? And jobs wise, the economy is so “bottomed” all those nifty jobs were crap wage jobs…now all gone.

    1. Quite a rally that Jeff!! A million or more wasn’t there? Put a stop to testing – it just makes us look bad and scares the minions from going back to work.

      1. The tide has turned. Corona virus has shown up these populist fools for what they really are – shallow, self-centred, greedy narcissists.

      2. There’s never been more people at a Nuremberg rally than in Tulsa!!1 Billions tuned in…and then there’s the economy….never a better one in all HISTORY or Hysteria..

      1. Let me move my hands in a lil curve to con you more into believing the Orange F**k….it’s all under control. and yeah, plase turn me in to the Secret Service, rightist scab.

  6. No, leamo leroy boy, they didn’t. You been overran by panicked clowns out to get your tiolet paper. You ERWs…all same, all the time. And hopefully, they’ll get back to lynching your wife for corona virus.

    1. Heard you got your left testicle shot off with a rubber bullet, Jeff. I didn’t think that you had the balls. I used to think you were nuts. Guess you are just a nut now. Get well soon!

    1. It’s a strange Orwellian double-think of the Right. Black is white. We didn’t land on the moon. The earth is flat. The CIA blew up the Twin Towers. The UN is run by the elite. Fascism is left-wing. There was no holocaust. Who needs education and health care? Trump is our god.

      1. “It’s a strange Orwellian double-think of the Right. Black is white. We didn’t land on the moon. The earth is flat. The CIA blew up the Twin Towers. The UN is run by the elite. Fascism is left-wing. There was no holocaust. Who needs education and health care? Trump is our god.”

        I agree with the Orwellian double-think but for different reasons. The hawks have becomes doves, and the doves, hawks. NAZIsm has become capitalism. Whites have become enslaved and the people of color have become the masters. What is right is now wrong. The Age of Reason has yielded to the Age of Lunacy. The principles under which the nation was founded have been abandoned. The ideals that lead to the end of slavery are under attack. Free speech is gone. If one questions the BLM movement, the one founded under the false narrative, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”, you can be fired. Our legislators kneel down to the fascist thugs. Cheer on. Cheer on.

        The November elections are existential in the US, as well as the rest of the world. As goes the US, so goes the rest of the world. Maybe we get to see your vision of the world, the American deathwish. It is my nightmare. If Trump loses or the Senate is lost, the knaves of the world with extract their revenge. There will never be another Republican president–ever. The Democrats will rig the elections so only they can win. It will be a communist heaven where the elites rule. I know you expect to be one of them. Don’t get your hopes up. They only like you while you are useful.

      2. Leroy – I really don’t think you are thinking straight. Do you really think that Trump isn’t the epitome of the elite? Do you really think that this privileged billionaire really cares about ordinary people? Or is he just using them in order to keep power and feather his nest?
        Wake up Leroy. He is one of them.
        What we are seeing with the Covid 19 crisis is the fall of populism. The three stooges – Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson – promise the earth and look after themselves and the masters they represent. They are conmen one and all.
        What we need is a return to standards of decency where all people matter.

      3. Well yes – that is true. Hopefully out of the lunacy might come some sanity and improvement. The planet needs it. Trees and animals need it. The climate needs it. People need it.
        Surely we have to come to our senses???

  7. Ask, leroy…He got all bent outta shape over you supposedly changing the topic, yet tried to change topic to global warming to again deny. As said, same ol ERW crap. wonder what it’s like for leroy and his constantly wet clothes from always being in De nial.

      1. Well, sadly I believe he will win reelection. enough stupid people. They should realize he doesn’t give a tinkers dam about them, and how “Nobody listens to us,” crap from “good white people.” With reason. those “good white people hate anyone with unbleached skin. “those people took our jobs”, but then ask how long it has been since they lost their jobs picking fruit and vegetables for slave wages. When was their white little families last working 12 hours a day in the fields?

      2. Polls are a momentary snapshot. By November, stupid will set back in, and he’ll just mouth, “see how roaring MY economy is?” And stupid, celebrity drunk voters will put him back in office. This is America: Land of the idiots and home of the enslaved.

      3. I think you may be wrong Jeff. I pick up the feeling that the tide has turned. Covid is going mad and will kill a lot more people – particularly in Trump areas. There’s a lot of people going to be laid off.

      4. Well, seems dead people don’t water down the stupid people. Yeah, best thing right now about CV is Trumpists are contracting it. Seem that alone should be proof of his failing his “base.”

      5. The idiot is encouraging them to get ill – more rallies I say!! If people want to be daft let them! They’ll learn the hard way!

  8. “Well, sadly I believe he will win reelection. enough stupid people.”

    Sadly, you may be wrong. It’s looking bleak for Trump. With the CCP virus still progressing, Trump can’t hold his rallies, and, even when he does, they are sabotaged by Never Trumpers. Rallies are his strong point. I take heart in the polls being wrong last time and likely are again. Too many including myself voted against Clinton. Many people, like myself, don’t openly support Trump. He may be a narcissist and a sociopath, perhaps a psychopath, and a pathological liar, but, sometimes its a psychopath that you need. Many managers are. The Democrats are crazy. Trump is the antidote.

    I don’t see how anyone could for “For” Joe Biden, but there will be many voting against Trump. Trump’s black support is holding strong at 28%. The Democrats can’t win without it. That’s why they used Soros to manufacture the BLM event. I hear that 80% are not black. Most are anarchists and fascists. I believe the suburban moms will go with the law and order candidate. The Democrats are running on a Defund the Police platform. They are scaring the heck out of people. You’re now a racist if you celebrate the 4th. That should be a loser. It will come down to how many vote against Trump.

    Despite all the rhetoric, Jeff, I suspect when the curtain closes and no one can see you, you will pull the lever for Trump. Go ahead. Deny it. That is what I expect.

    1. To an extent, I think you are right Leroy. People will not vote for Biden; they will vote to get rid of Trump.
      I also think you are right – he is a lysing narcissistic, psychopath/sociopath. What I find unbelievable is that you can glibly say that sometimes we need a psychopath in charge. We never, ever, ever need somebody with those tendencies in power; not even in wartime. They would callously send hundreds of thousands of troops to their death without a thought, on a whim. Just like Trump has been urging people back to work to get the economy going so he can get himself re-elected even though it may well kill another hundred thousand people. He’s already killed more than Vietnam, Iraq, Korea and Afghanistan put together. Does he care? Not a bit. Yet you think such a man is fit for office. He obviously isn’t.

      1. “What I find unbelievable is that you can glibly say that sometimes we need a psychopath in charge. We never, ever, ever need somebody with those tendencies in power; not even in wartime. ”

        Unfortunately, many if not most people in power from presidents, politicians, police, headmasters to managers fall into this category. Biden falls into this category. He lies and plagiarizes so much that he can’t keep up with them. He’s an arrogant prick.

        I had to deal with a psychopathic plant manager a couple of times. He rose pretty high in the corporation because he got things done. He could browbeat employees and suppliers unmercifully. He could knowingly lie or pressure people to do things against their conscience. Good people could not do the things he did. He could be a very nice guy too. It’s the kind of person you need in wartime.

      2. I think you are dead right about sociopaths and psychopaths Leroy. Because they either like inflicting pain on people or really don’t care they tend to be black and white, appear strong and rise to the top. Where I think you are wrong is that we never, ever, need them in charge. They are ruthless and lack empathy. Especially in war. They would willingly sacrifice millions and cause untold misery in order to win.
        Trump is a classic sociopath.

    2. Expect all you want. You are truly a kool aid-drunk fucker Leroy. Jim Jones would be your kind of president. And once again, you rave about Soros, but deny there’s a Trump crime family…LOL Your personal cowardice is showing. Not an “open Trumpist.” bah. you are just another phony patriot, too…You only believe in symbols about this country, not what it really is or should be.

    1. Cheers Leroy – Happy independence day to you! Though I can’t help thinking that. as with Canada, Australia and New Zealand, you might not have been better off with us.

      1. “Though I can’t help thinking that. as with Canada, Australia and New Zealand, you might not have been better off with us.”

        Oh my gosh. We would probably have a national anthem like “O America”. Kill me already.

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