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    1. I suppose you think that little comment will get me angry and I’ll call you a bunch of well-deserved names that would get me kicked off here. Nope, whether here or on WB you’ve shown yourself as both coward and hypocrite. A lot of neofascist Trumpist talking points and pure BS from you is all that can be expected. I’m sure this won’t make it, either. You ARE what’s wrong with America, and are no patriot. Alone you are not even sound and fury, just nothing…

      1. Who licked the red off your candy, Jeff?

        It’s always a pleasure listening to others, even those I disagree with, perhaps especially those I disagree with. Even better when we can be polite to each other despite our differences. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, Jeff.

  1. I have to remember this website is for opher to promote and sell his books. Which is obviously okay and as it should be. Leroy whines, but most of what I leave never make it either, those comments having nothing to do with politics, so I’ll refrain. I’ve go too much to do to even care, like having to shovel snow off 220 feet of sidewalk in front of my house before darkness descends tonight. I wish opher and Bill H the best, and may pop in to read the latest. If opher cares, topical posting instructions might be helpful.

      1. I don’t “need” to bash Trumpists, they make good fools of themselves without my help. Consider Leroy. But am sorry not more in touch with you, Bill H. I’ve filed that site away, just in case. LOL I really do have a lot to do, and will post relevant updates here when I get them “on air.” Remember, music people, it’s Charlie Parker’s centenniary in 2020. Charlie Parker is important. Silly Trumpist running dogs are not. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Ah, yes…the costs. Hmmm. Just got through talking with a neighbor that wandered by to let us know two neighbors up hill from us have “novel coronavirus” contracted from a care giver from the “Lifecare Center” associated with most of the 31 deaths in this state so far. They got tested 8 days ago and jtust found out they’re positive TODAY. Good job, Orangy. “We don’t want to know how many people have this because it will “hurt my numbers.” Poor Orangy. Guess neighbors on three sides of the infected couple are freaking out, despite a lack of real contact. Calm folks…calm. If you get it and die, then you get it and die. Nothing to be done for it. Numbers up or your number isn’t up. Good luck, folks.

    1. Interesting to see how the orange imbecile copes with this. He’s spent his time discrediting experts and encouraging conspiracy thinking. I wonder if all the anti-vaccers will take the vaccine when it’s produced? I wonder when the twerp will stop listening to idiots like Pence and start listening to scientists? I wonder if he’ll start preparing soon instead of trying to blame it on the Chinese and Europeans?
      Good luck.

      1. On the positive side, the US can’t do any worse than Italy. The UK seems to have given up and decided to just let everyone get it and be done with it. Truly, Europe has done an awful, awful job with it.

        Trump’s problem is that he is listening to his experts at the CDC and most of them are idiots. I watched a movie called Flu, based on a mutation of the bird flu spreading a suburb in Korea. The CDC was the bad guy. Not far from the mark.

        Neither the US nor Europe learned from China and those countries that have been proactive such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea. I’ve heard Trump’s advisors say the stupidest things. The US has relatively few cases for one single reason: lack of testing. The state of Washington can test 80 a day but only tests 40. Pathetic. Ignorance is bliss. It’s one problem with a capitalist healthcare system. You have to go to a doctor and he decides whether you get the test. The doctor may be overruled if the patient hasn’t traveled to Italy or China, has a high fever, and struggles to breathe. For that, days later after paying a couple of thousand for the test, you may or may not know if you are positive. It may be a false negative or positive. Absolutely asinine.

        Trump has acted more decisively than any European country with the possible exception of Hungary. Still, it is too little too late. It’s a pandemic now. It was a pandemic 48 days ago. The world needs to treat it as such.

        Let’s face it; about 60-70% of us will get it before there is a vaccine. The only thing we can do is flatten the curve to prevent our hospital systems from becoming overwhelmed. It doesn’t do me a lot of good if I have a heart attack and it takes an hour for the ambulance to arrive. That is why the UK position is so asinine.

      2. Hi Leroy – how on earth do you think Trump has acted decisively? The virus is prevalent in America. It has an incubation period of two weeks. Stopping flights is pointless.
        Trumpo, just like Johnson and the Tories, has run down the health system in order to gain short-term profit (same flawed thinking as on the environment – which is also going to bite back big time). We’ll see how much all the loot protects these people!
        Or do you think that sending the stock into the biggest loss in history is going to help?
        China and Korea appear to have done a good job. Italy is taking measures.
        The UK has an imbecile in charge so I don’t hold out too much hope. At least they are listening to scientists. Ironical really – spend years telling us that all experts and scientists are crap and now we depend on them for our lives!
        I wonder how many of the antivaccers will refuse the vaccine when it’s produced?
        Here in the UK there is a realisation that we are all going down with it. The policy is one of allowing most people to get it and build up herd resistance – while protecting the vulnerable through isolation. Makes some sense.
        Yes – the only thing to do is to flatten the curve so that health services can cope. Can’t see anything in the USA geared to doing that, can you?
        Over here we’re starting to get into gear – banning public events – trying to slow the contagion while letting those who are likely to get it mildly get and build up resistance in the population.
        It’s gonna kill a lot of people!
        And you’re right – we needed much more testing!!
        I reckon this populist idea of not believing in experts and promoting conspiracy theories will come back to bite Trump.

  4. Ah, the return of Trumpist Leroy, plying the current “party line. You clowns wanted a tiny government that could be drowned in a bathtub, and now get your wish. Trump played his usual anti-Obama card, and dismantled the machinery designed to deal with an outbreak, firing all those experts that not only couldn’t be believed, but were there because of that damn Muslim/Kenyan black guy. Curse them!! Now we’re suppose to all repeat the words of Orange F**k: “It’s under control.” Say repeatedly until you believe it.

    1. Same here – the Tories have spent ten years dismantling the NHS – now they find we need it more than ever! The trouble is we have a drastic shortage of doctors and nurses because they robbed them of pay and pensions. They’ve shut hospitals and removed beds.
      The mantra of putting money before people!

    2. I place the problem at the feet of the UN. You know; that organization that you guys believe should rule the world. Out of political correctness, the WHO failed for 47 days to call it a pandemic, tying the hands of governments all around the world. For what reason? Not wanting to offend their paymasters, the Chinese. These are YOUR experts, at least they were in the past. You probably disown them now. These are the people whom you wanted to enlighten us to the true path of globalism. Admit it; it exposed the utter insaneness and failure of your philosophy. You guys own this one. True to form, you blame Trump. TDS is real.

      On the bright side, we are living in interesting times. History is being made.

      1. Lol Leroy – you do bring joy to a gloomy day. All the best to you. Just a few things:
        a. How on earth is the WHO not calling it a pandemic tying anybody’s hands? The figures were all published. All governments were fully briefed. They made their own decisions as they are doing now. A pandemic is only a name given to an epidemic when it has uncontrollably spread across many nations. There was hope in the early days that it could be contained.
        b. Since when have the Chinese been paymasters of the WHO or UN? According to Trumpo he pays for it!
        c. It was Trumpo who declared in the early days that it was a hoax, fake news. Then he tried to blame it on the Chinese. Then he blamed it on the Europeans. While all the time he was doing nothing to protect Americans – no restrictions, no testing and no science.
        d. It’s Trumpo who has run down the Health Service so that millions of the population have no cover. It was Trumpo who belittles all scientists and experts and immediately on taking office sacked them all – exactly as he did with all the environmental investigatory teams and monitoring. He doesn’t need scientists or experts does he? He doesn’t believe in global warming or covid 19 – it’s all fake news.

        My friend you are clutching at straws. This is not the result of the UN or WHO. It is the result of a new virus that started up in China. It is the responsibility of every country to take measures to protect its people. Unfortunately both you and I are in the hands of populist imbeciles who haven’t got a clue and have spent their time belittling and dismantling the very people and services we most depend on.

        Take care of yourself Leroy and wake up!

  5. Hi guys, hope all is well with everyone. In my area, the stores are beginning to be emptied of staple goods. No toilet paper, paper towels, or hand sanitizer for over a week. Seeing lots of the doomsday preppie crowd who worship the Orange Buffoon coming in from outlying counties and loading up their F-350’s and Dodge Ram Pickups with all they can grab.
    Ohh, and a side note, Trump was offered coronavirus test kits from the W.H.O. in late January and turned them down. The reason is still not clear, but it is suspected that this was during his “Coronavirus is fake news from the Left” era, or he was thinking the US Big Pharma could profiteer from selling their own, which it turns out we have not even developed yet due to the German patent, red tape, and QA testing issues.

    1. Hi Bill, same here – the Brexiteering buffoons are loading up with anything they can get their unwashed hands on. It is like Zombie Apocalypse.
      Doesn’t surprise me about Trumpo – his bungling speech the other day sent the markets crashing – biggest fall in recent history. Although, as you can see from Leroy’s pathetic attempt to blame it all on the UN, they’ll use any excuse to exonerate their hero. Hopefully the virus will thin them out a bit. It’s all fake news right?

      1. Thank you, Opher, for your wish for me to die from Covid-19.

        That’s why we don’t need elitists like you guys in charge.

      2. Hi Leroy,
        I hope you don’t die! I like you too much even if you are so gullible. I think there’s hope for you. You will see one day what a bungling fool you have for a President.
        I do find it amusing that you refer to me as part of the elite. I suppose that in a number of senses I am. We both are part of an extremely rich and fortune elite compared to the fortunes of most of the world.
        As someone with a high IQ that also puts me in the elite.
        My frustration with Trump, Brexit and democracy is that a bunch of ignorant, uneducated morons have saddled us with a worse world.
        Cheer up. You’ll probably survive!!
        Hopefully Trump and Johnson will be seen for the populist fools they are.
        Who knows? We may even create a better world and all come together in partnership after this virus is dealt with?

      3. Oh BTW Leroy – by inference – you really don’t think that Trump is part of the real elite running the globe? A billionaire who has spent his time taking from the poor to give to his wealthy mates?

    2. But Bill H., Orange F**k has said this will all end on its own. Of course, he’s said a lot of things, lying over 17,000 tImes since taikng office, and gee, now even ol Wall st won’t believe him. As you note, Orange F**k has been wet from being in a river…Denial, since this started. And we’ve got clever Leroy blaming the UN. Uh huh. That’s it…the UN and Obama. Leroy hasn’t said if people are spitting on his chinese wife and beating up his son for being part chinese and at fault, obvious carriers for “race based disease.” And grocery stores are almost to the point of being dangerous. Since there’s no law against it, we got MAGA hat types in grocery stores packing sidearms to protect the 50 rolls of toilet paper they need to survive. Yeah, let’s start a right wing rumor; coronavirus is just another attempt by democrats to distract people while they take away their guns…

      1. I can’t believe the reaction in the States to this – first find someone to blame then go and buy another gun!
        What they don’t see is that Trumpo first denied it, then tried to blame China and Europe while covering up the extent of the problem and deliberately hiding the stats. His bungling allowed it to get out of hand.

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    1. Hmmm…ol Harry here reminds me of some others on a blog site several of us use to post on that had all sorts of reasonably priced IT volunteers wanting their little hands on the site. When the site owner gave in to a couple of “demands,” and some chose to leave, some, in an apparent huge spasm of right wing hatred started doxxing people and the owner wisely, if sadly, closed it down. I don’t know you, but will advise in this convoluted world we live in, people offering wonderous, free “services”, or even cheap, need to realize some people are smart enough to see they’ll never get more than they’ve paid for, or may even get screwed in the process or their “brand” ruined. opher has worked very hard on his writing and publication efforts. If he gets (and does get) people to read his books, he can get people to read “his messages.” Just sayin’, dude. I’m sure you are the most inexpensive, great promoter since Stevie Jobs, “Colon.” Time for evening corona virus concert while still warm enough to have doors and windows open in the studio. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. oooops. Folks like Leroy–rightists and Trumpians–are now calling for business as usual, no restrictions–because it would be okay if a million folks over 70 died “for the economy” and King Donald’s reelection. Wow…gee…sure hope Leroy’s kid hasn’t been beaten within an inch of his life for being half chinese, or his chinese wife lynched in his backward state of North Carolina, for giving people CV. You know “Chinese Virus.” Amazing.

    1. Times like these bring out the best and the worst in people. You find out what people are really like. I couldn’t believe the queues for guns and the selfish panic buying. I think these last years have instilled a culture of selfishness and nastiness. Maybe when they all start dying that will change? America needs a new zeitgeist!

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