What we need is a new ‘Positive’ vision for a better world!!

What do I mean by a positive vision?

One that works for everybody not just the few.

One that does not discriminate against race or creed.

One that is based on equality and fairness.

One that provides justice for all.

One that protects nature and looks after our home world.

One that harnesses technology for the good of all.

In our present system we have a world that works for an elite minority who exploit the majority.

We have a system that promotes profit over everything.

We have a system where some nations prosper at the expense of others.

We have a system where war and violence exists to gain power and control.

We have a system that puts billions in poverty so a minority can live in luxury.

We have a system where natural resources are plundered for quick profit regardless of the consequences.

I reckon we can do a lot better than that!!

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