Bring in the light!

                The light of wisdom;

                                The light of love.

Bring in the light!

                The light of compassion;

                                The light of truth.

Shine the light

                To reveal the grime

                                That we may clean.

Shine the light

To cleanse the crime

                Disinfect the scene.

Shine the light so we can see

                The stains of corruption,

                                The horror of war,

                                                The reality of what we do.

Shine the light.

                Banish the dark.

                                Reveal the culprits.

                                                Cleanse the world.

Shine the light on joy.

                Shine the light on brotherhood.

                                Shine the light on friendship

And share the bounty.

Opher – 13.11.2023

I’m not a believer in religion but we need Diwali every day. We need to illuminate what evil deeds are being carried out and who the perpetrators are. We need justice, scrutiny and accountability.

We need to cleanse the world of tyrants, despots, war and violence.

We need a new age of love and friendship. What’s so funny about peace and love?

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