At Least They Got Brexit Wrecked!!

The Covid enquiry is revealing the complete level of incompetence and cynical stupidity at the heart of government.

This bunch of fanatical nationalists were just obsessed with their loony, lying policy of Getting Brexit done at any cost. They applied their racist, xenophobic mindset to creating a lousy deal just so they could get out. Never mind the cost.

They lied, cheated and conned us all.

Then, full of public schoolboy euphoria at having dumped our trade partners, they were hit by Covid.

Having got rid of every sane member they were left with a dithering haystack and blithering bunch of public schoolboys who didn’t have a clue. So they dithered and blathered. They dumped infected people in Care Homes, Gave tens of billions away to their chums in VIP lanes, left the NHS and Care Homes in the lurch, had us banging pans while they partied and Rishi brought in schemes like EAT OUT TO DIE!!

They were saved by the scientists creating a vaccine!!

Reading back through my blog the full extent of their lies, corruption and incompetence is frightening!!

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