Enough is More Than Enough!!

I understand the rage!!

I understand that the evil terrorism of Hamas cannot be tolerated!

I understand that the rape, torture, murder and kidnapping of innocent women, children and elderly cannot be accepted.

I understand that Hamas is a terrorist organisation that needs to be hunted out and wiped out in the same way that ISIS was.

I accept that Israel has the right to defend itself against existential threats.

That does not justify the killing and maiming, starving and killing of innocent men, women and children.

Yes, the evil Hamas tactics are to shield behind civilians but that does not justify killing innocents.

Yes, a sizeable number of Palestinians support Hamas, that doesn’t justify blaming them all and punishing them all.

Yes, Israel is run by religious extremists and right-wing fascists, that doesn’t justify Hamas slaughtering music lovers, festival revellers and those in settlements. It doesn’t come near to excusing vicious rapes, decapitations, indiscriminate murder and terror.

Yes, Israel has stolen land and put up illegal settlements under spurious religious grounds, but that does not justify violence.

Yes, Israel has suppressed and oppressed the Palistinians for decades, but that does not excuse Hamas.

Yes, Hamas is plotting in Gaza, but that does not excuse indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas.

Two wrongs never make a right!!

Where is the compassion and humanity??

The only good thing that might come out of the rubble and mass deaths in Gaza is the final possibility of a two nation state and peace in the region.

While both sides remain under the spell of extreme religious views clouded by arrogant superiority and hate, I suspect that rational thoughts will remain a wishful dream. The sooner medieval religion is sidelined the better!!

6 thoughts on “Enough is More Than Enough!!

  1. The sooner medieval religion is sidelined the better!

    I agree. But we need to sideline mediaeval politics, too. Do not forget that the state, as at present constructed, was invented in 1576 by a French monarchist.

      1. But then you will have a global state! Which will enforce its global religion on everyone, not to mention its global politics.

      2. Neil, there is no perfect system. The only way for anyone to really live free is outside of society, on their own, in the wilderness. Eight billion people need an immense infrastructure and that requires management.
        In my opinion the only way is a democracy within which there is complete scrutiny and accountability of all those in positions of power. We are getting close to having the ability to do that.

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