War Crimes!!

Loathsome Hamas barbarous terrorism. Loathsome Isreali oppression and now bombing, starving and depriving water from babies and children.

Targetting civilians is a war crime. No excuses. Both sides behave like barbarians.

An endless cycle of hate and revenge.

Two wrongs never make a right.

If only the UN had power.

13 thoughts on “War Crimes!!

      1. Unfortunately I find all too often that there is a desire in all humans for destruction. At funfairs we have that popular smash the crockery stall. People jump on sandcastles. We love to destroy. Violence and murder are the popular dramas. While it is those idiots who are solely responsible for cutting the tree down, to me, it is symptomatic of a wider malaise that affects all of us. The species has a flaw. It’s present in all of us to a greater or lesser extent. We love boxing, big hits in rugby and gawp at accidents. All related.

      2. So do so many other peoples, though. Are you talking ‘species’? So many/most animal species have their little ‘kinks’ too. I shouldn’t imagine primordial slime got far without destroying others for nutriments.

      3. Lol. Quite likely Michael. While violence and nastiness may not be confined to the human species, killing or destroying for pleasure is surely something that puts us in the same henhouse as foxes?

    1. Sorry for late reply, but Michael has it right. Do not, ever again, trust the political system, national or international, or anyone that takes part in it.

      1. These catastrophic events are very particular and peculiar to the people and region . You cannot generalise from them, especially not from Middle East events. You cannot argue from the particular to the general, anyway.
        I thought Trump’s son-in-law had sorted it all out there, with his Plan.

      2. Probably right Michael. My negative frame of mind is not limited to events in the Middle East though. There seems a great propensity for violence and destruction in the human psyche that is expressed in many ways all over the globe. Are we getting better? More civilised? Sometimes I wonder. Trump and all his kin seem to amply back up my negativity.

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