A Trading of Atrocities

A Trading of Atrocities

Terrorism of the streets

                Children shot

                                Throats slit

                                                Death greets

Bombing of innocents in cities

In this trading of atrocities.

Men in masks

                Carrying guns

                                Shooting for fun

                                                While the world asks

The world cries and pities

In this trading of atrocities.

Calling the name of god

                To bless murder

                                To condone carnage

                                                With a casual nod

While we write ditties

In this trading of atrocities.

Bombs delivering death

                Out of the sky

                                Buildings collapse

                                                Taking innocent breath

Bringing people to their knees

In this trading of atrocities.

Babies made to starve

                Imposed drought

                                Random blasts

                                                Bodies in halves

Burning flesh upon the breeze

In this trading of atrocities.

In this trading of atrocities.

In   this    trading    of     atrocities.

Opher 9.10.2023

Two wrongs never make a right. Can death be proportionate?

Decades of oppression and abuse cannot justify murder, can it?

Decades of theft and mistreatment cannot condone terrorism, can it?

The innocent are used, abused and buried. Always the innocents.

A game of politics and religion, racism and hatred. A game of death and agony.

On one side religious lunatics. On the other religious lunatics.

Freedom is just a word to be used and abused in a game.

Arrogance and superiority result in death.

There is only one end – eventual dialogue and conciliation. Until then – WAR!!!

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