Cars Before Kids!!

Having recently been sitting stationary in traffic jams in both London (3 hours) and Manchester (1 hour) I think I can safely say that moving at twenty mile an hour would be a huge improvement!

Thank heavens I live in lovely Yorkshire with wide open spaces, empty roads and fresh air.

Of course, this has nothing to do with anything cynical – like eyeing up the Upminster result and the ULEZ opposition and jumping on a bandwagon to get votes??

Air pollution is a major problem – particularly with young lungs. But when there are votes to be had, who cares??

Personally, I’d pedestrianise the whole of the inner cities, turn redundant, empty shops into flats, put in moveing pedestrian walkways, trams, underground systems, busses and driverless electric ubers.

But then Rishi would want a landing strip for his private jet and helipads all over the place.

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