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Goofin’ In 301 Bedsit Land


I wrote these two books, two novels, revolving around my life back in the fabled sixties. Those days remain vivid to me. The huge rambling house of many bedsits that we lived in and the trips we made around Europe and the USA with many good friends.

301 Bedsit Land is a novel based around 301 Green Lanes, Manor House, and the many great friends and colourful characters that lived there.

Goofin’, with its nod to Jack Kerouac, was a novel based around life back in the sixties and the road trips that we went on, the incidents and gigs.

I wrote these two books many years ago and was never quite happy with them So I went back to see if I could improve them. I think I did!!

Together they paint a picture of life as it was in the alternative sphere of the sixties undergrount. We thought we were changing the world. I think we did. But not enough.

301 Bedsit Land: Goodwin, Opher: 9798853928572: Books

Goofin’ eBook : Goodwin, Opher: Kindle Store

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