Braverman and Sunak bold new move to save lives on small boat crossings!

Sunak promised that he would solve the small boat crisis and get immigration down.

Small boat crossings are at an all-time high. Immigration has doubled since Brexit but it’s not helping us because it isn’t the helpful kind. We’ve still got massive shortages due to driving all our EU workers out. We’ve replaced them with people from India and Africa but they’re not solving the shortages despite being twice as many!

Sunak and Braverman had a cunning plan to send the immigrants off to nasty camps in Rwanda where they would enjoy being abused. They argued that this would save lives as it would be a deterrent and less would drown. A bargain at only £62,000 an immigrant.

£62,000 an immigrant!! Bloody hell!! I’m thinking of becoming one!!

Unfortunately the courts put an end to the idea – they considered it was in danger of breaching human rights!

What next?

Perhaps hanging a bunch of immigrants from gibbets along the Dover coastline would be a deterrent? I’m sure the Tories would argue that it would save a lot more lives than it would cost! That would be more humane in the long run!! It’s what farmers do with crows.

2 thoughts on “Braverman and Sunak bold new move to save lives on small boat crossings!

  1. Opher, I don’t think your jibe about “people from India and Africa” is quite fair. When I looked at the numbers of immigrants coming in last year, I saw that about one in six was from Ukraine, and one in ten from Hong Kong. Both are way higher than the numbers of “small boat people” – who, by the way, are coming mainly from five countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Eritrea and Sudan. Only the last two are in Africa, and none of them are exactly nice places to be right now.

    1. Hi Neil – no I can see why people would want to risk their lives to escape those place.
      My info was about where the UK was now recruiting to fill the skill shortages left by Brexit. India and Africa were the focus of active recruiting.
      The small boat situation is not a huge number in terms of actual numbers of people. It would surely be cheaper to build proper accomodation, employ more staff and process their applications quickly. Many of them are skilled workers. If they have a right to be here they should be working (to keep themselves and contribute) if not they need sending back. This government is set on a callous deterrent policy instead. That is costly and daft. Just political rather than pragmatic. They are trying (ineptly) to make a point to their hardline brexiteering nutcases.

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