Vlad The Impaler

Vlad The Impaler

Look out sailor!

He’s coming to nail yer!

Vlad the impaler!

Wants to be your jailor!

Thinks you’re a failure!

Vlad the impaler!

Thought he was king!

But they’re reeling him in!

With his balls in a sling!

Algorithms will mail yer!

Vlad the impaler!

The KGB won’t help!

This upstart old whelp!

He’s heading for failure!

Vlad the impaler!

Tanks on the street.

Nails in his feet.

Thought he could tail yer!

Vlad the impaler.

Vlad the impaler.

The KGB wimp.

Thought he’d be king.

Now he’s a gimp!

Opher  – 25.6.2023

It’s all falling apart for poor Vladimir. Thought he’d be king of the world and terrify everyone with his formidable army. Now he’s hiding under his long table dreading the uprising that’s sure to come.

First he tried stealth. Interfering with elections. Messing with cyberspace. Then his head got too big after engineering Trump and Brexit. He thought he could do anything.

Why not take the whole world?

His army is in tatters. His economy is wrecked. He’s locking up everyone he can, engineering the news, but it can’t last much longer.

We’re heading for collapse!

4 thoughts on “Vlad The Impaler

  1. On a side note, isn’t Belarus where yer Wagner man is rumoured to go to, also where the nukes have gone? Is this a ruse to let him loose on em, and Vlad not taking the blame?

    1. That’s a disturbing thought Michael. Do you think that this is a plan Putin and Prigozhin hatched up together? Or do you think Prigozhin might use them against Putin? There’s a thought.

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