6 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  1. What is really funny is all the bluster and ad-hominems from the Johnson camp. If the privileges committee report was wrong, they ought to be able to identify specific accusations that are untrue, and provide hard evidence that they are wrong. But they are doing no such thing. That’s as good as admitting that Johnson is guilty on every count.

    It’s also amusing to see idiots like Rees-Mogg trying to defend him. Do they have no shame? Do they have any idea how silly they look in the eyes of the people they are supposed to “represent?”

      1. Hi Neil, That was a very interesting video. It does shed a lot of light on to the mindset of those in charge. Certainly a lot to ponder. We’ll have to have a good natter about this Neil! This certainly gives a different perspective!

      2. Good idea Neil. That should start a lively debate! We’ve got a huge family crisis on at the moment! I’ll get back to you!

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