Not Fit For Purpose!

Thrown out of job after job for idleness, lying and cheating.

Strange mixture of ineptitude and arrogance.

Prone to saying the first thing that comes into his head (true or false).

Dithers, hides and runs.

Got where he was on catchy soundbites and lying promises.

Never delivers on anything.

Has botched up everything he’s ever done.

Ran government like a constant party.

Constantly gave huge sums of money to his chums. Buys and takes favour.

Mishandled Covid.

A useless, overprivileged liar!

6 thoughts on “Not Fit For Purpose!

  1. Yes Neil, I think she’s right. The Tories have screwed the economy while ensuring that they and their chums are all fine!

    1. Yes, but Labour screwed my life with IR35, denying people like me access to the market. And they want to stop fracking, and any further development of North Sea oil or gas. Labour don’t address this lady’s concerns any more than the Tories do, or any of the other parties,

      1. I can understand how you feel about Labour but I certainly want to stop fracking and no more oil exploration. Wind, geothermal, solar and tide should dominate now.

      2. Opher, any civilization and any economy needs energy, and needs that energy to be “dispatchable,” i.e. there when you need it. During a windless, foggy week in February, for example. Solar and wind aren’t dispatchable, so they need to be backed up.

        Tidal energy is expensive, there are few sites for it, and it has “environmental” issues on marine life too. Geothermal energy, too, is expensive, and only works in certain parts of the world. You need to run the numbers, technical and economic, for your area before you can sensibly pick energy sources for the future.

      3. I agree with most of what you say. But we are getting much better at storing energy. A breakthrough there is imminent. A good tidal barage, such as the one proposed at Swansea would solve a number of problem and supply huge amounts of predictable energy. The environmental issues are not insurmountable.
        I would like to see a maximum use of wind and solar with development of tidal so that there is minimal need for backup supply. Wind and solar are now very cheap.

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