They Came, they Plundered, they Bleated!

They Came, they Plundered, they Bleated!

They came in a storm of lies and soundbites

                Leading crowds through choreographed choruses

Promising the earth.

Everything was oven-ready, sunlit and wonderful.

                Walls were to be built, swamps drained

A great rebirth.

They accused their rivals of criminality and sin

                Alien lizards and paedophile rings

A stinging curse.

They were going to make things great again

                Rebuild the dying industries

For jobs there was a dearth.

They threatened us with hordes from abroad

                Promising to protect our shores.

Fight for all we’re worth!

They lined their pockets with the loot

                They stole from all of us.

Laws and justice a wide berth!

When caught out for all their lies

                Law-breaking and ill-gotten gain

Cried witch hunt and worse!

The populist tyrants, over-privileged pigs,

                Deniers and liars

Put the world in reverse.

Opher – 10.6.2023

Was it just coincidence that Boris Johnson was found to be a liar and kicked out of parliament on the same day that Donald Trump was served with an indictment for stealing Top Secret files from the White House and putting the nation’s security at risk; or was it poetic justice?

Two lying, cheating, elitist conmen, both pretending to be ‘down with the common man’, were caught out for their law-breaking and devious ways.

Ironically the things they were caught for were the least of their crimes. They’ve got away with murder.

Nepotism, cronyism, cheating, lying, and misusing their positions were mixed with boasting, idleness and incredible ineptitude.

Two self-serving philanderers, one of whom was a serial sex pest, ran roughshod over laws.

Trump even incited a coup and lead an attempt to overturn democracy.

Yet still these ignoble criminals inspire their base who forgive every crime, lie and stupid act.

Both have made their country worse than it was.

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