New Government Policy to Stop The Small Boats!

With immigration now double what it was before Brexit seizing back control of the borders hasn’t exactly worked, has it?

So we’ve given up the Single Market, drowned ourselves in red tape and extra costs, driven countless firms abroad or out of business, cost the GDP 4% (£40 Billion a year) and unleased a wave of xenophobia for nothing!

We’re all much worse off, our public services are broken and immigration is twice as high as before!

But don’t despair! Our valiant government has at last put together a plan to stop the small boats getting across the channel.

With the help of our foreign-owned water companies we are going to flood the channel with sewage! The oars won’t make make any headway against an unbroken sargasso sea of turds and the propellars will clog up with toilet paper!

The new policy is shit!

Once more our island nation will be free of foreign invasion! Long live privatisation! Rule Britannia Britannia rules the turds!

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