Lost In The Sea of Forever

Lost In The Sea of Forever

For seventy-three years I’ve been

Belting down this road

Hell for leather

Lost in the sea of forever.

‘I spy land’, the captain shouts

But we were only

Being clever.

That’s what we do

When lost at sea in forever.

We danced a jig

As we trimmed the rig

On the ship ‘Endeavour’.

Like all sailors do

When sailing on forever.

We drank our rum

And had our fun

Searching for the land of ‘Never-Never’.

Trying to fill our time

Lost on the seas of forever.

We pretended that we knew

As all around the time flew

But we knew nothing whatsoever


As we set course to nowhere

On the seas of forever.

Opher – 22.5.2023

Animals just live. They don’t question.

We don’t like to do that.

We like to believe that we know what we are doing as we charter a course through life.

When we don’t understand what life is all about and find ourselves floundering without direction, we create religions. That makes us feel better.

When we realise that there is really no direction, no destination and only one end, we dance, sing, read and write and that makes the journey better,

We’re really all at sea.

We are animals. We should know better.

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