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Today’s Music to Blow My Mind – Slim Harpo and Swamp Blues


I’m going right back to the early dys of my youth. I was about fifteen-years-old when I came across an album called Swamp Blues and was introduced to the Excello Label and the blues delights of Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lonesome Sundown and Lightnin’ Slim. Those names conjure up such images.

Swamp Blues was earthy, seminal and had an infectious, lazy Jimmy Reed beat. I loved it.

I did get to see Lazy Lester perform but the majestic Slim Harpo went and died on me! I did get to visit his grave in Louisiana though where I paid my respects.

They are great. Today I shall immerse myself in that hypnotic beat and pretend I’m fifteen again, lying on my bed in my little bedroom in Walton-on-Thames on the Thames delta, listening to the music of some wonderful black guys all the way from the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Marvellous!

This is where the Kinks and Stones got it from!

Slim Harpo – Buzzin’ The Blues [The Complete Slim Harpo CD 3 ] – YouTube

Slim Harpo – Buzzin’ The Blues [The Complete Slim Harpo CD 2] – YouTube

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