My beliefs – Awe and Wonder – The Big Bang.

My beliefs – Awe and Wonder – The Big Bang.There are a number of things that simply do not make sense to me. They are hard for my mind to comprehend. That is probably not at all surprising given that the human brain is tiny and limited and the concepts we are trying to deal with are ginormous. We’ll probably never know. I find them fascinating to think about. They fill me with awe and wonder.The Big Bang – The universe is expanding. If we extrapolate it back to a point we are back at the beginning.I believe that this universe started with a big bang; that all matter and energy was spontaneously created out of nothing. Matter and antimatter, dark matter and energy burst into being and the universe came into existence.I do not know how. I do not know if we are one of an infinite number of polyverses. I do not know what was before the Big Bang.I believe science will tell us more and more but may never know. It might be beyond mankind’s understanding.This is hard to accept.I do not believe that this presumes the presence of a god – the creator. That is convenient but explains nothing to me. It seems a very human response and merely puts the mystery one step further away – where did god come from? Where was he living? What was there before god? Who gave him these divine powers? That seems even more simplistic and far-fetched.I believe there is a mystery that is awe inspiring. Whatever caused it leaves me full of wonder.

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