Taipei – Taiwan – streets and parks

Under Threat

It seems positively dreadful to think that this peaceful modern country full of friendly, pleasant people, is under the constabnt threat of war.

We’ve seen this in Ukraine. It’s rarely the people who cause the trouble. I found the Taiwanese very welcoming. It’s nearly always the leaders who want a power struggle. It’s all about wealth and power.

Why can’t the Taiwanese live their lives how they want? Why does China have to impose itself upon them? What is that about? Doesn’t China control enough people? Isn’t China big enough? What is this all about? Surely Taiwan is no threat to China and never will be? Leave them alone!

We’ve seen what happens to Ukraine and Chechnia, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. War is an abomination. Haven’t human being evolved at all?

As for the beauty of Taiwan:

We had a great time there.

When somewhere is unfamiliar even the ordinary is exotic.

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