The Politics of Information

The Politics of Information

The politics of information:

                What the mainstream didn’t print.

The politics of propaganda:

                What they did!

Censorship is a bland diet

                As we are spoonfed what to think.

The politics of information.

The politics of information

                On which the establishment depends.

Stifling any revolution

                Twisting it to a money-making stunt.

The politics of information

                Feeding the proletariat runt.

The politics of information

                An overnight success.

Sex and scandal, trivia and lies.

                Nanny always knows best.

The politics of information,

                A smokescreen of conspiracy and lies.

Intended to confuse and fool

                Right across the nation.

But we are carnivival

                In the colours of bright spring.

Immune to their wiles

                We gaily dance and sing.

The politics of information

                We’d rather believe our eyes!

Opher 1.5.2023

The media churns out a relentless stream of propaganda intended to play on our prejudices, doubts and fears, insinuating fingers into our minds.

It’s the politics of misinformation as they play for control of our minds.

Without the brainwashing the establishment could not possibly survive.

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