Tucker ‘Pinnochio’ Carlson flees the scene!!

The unbelievable thing is that One of Trump’s key accusations was about Hilary Clinton as a law-breaker! You couldn’t write it! The biggest crook of all shouts ‘Lock Her Up!’ and the most gullible troop of nincompoops chant it as if it was true! The irony is comical!

Fox News perpetuated lie after lie, bolstering conspiracy theories and ludicrous pro-trump propaganda. How Tucker Carlson can lie with himself is a matter for conjecture.

MAG is in free-fall and sanity is finally resumed. The days of populist billionaire fantasy is over!

6 thoughts on “Tucker ‘Pinnochio’ Carlson flees the scene!!

      1. I don’t trust it. It feels…calculated. Let everyone think it’s swung, but it’s a misdirection while other things are happening. Bigger things. But the sigh of relief is so needed that the rest goes unseen. It’s just a feeling I have…

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