Tory Plan For The NHS! – Bring in the Yanks!

It’s obvious isn’t it? We’ve had thirteen years of cuts and wage depression. We’ve already had creeping privatisation. They don’t want it to work do they?

We’ve got massive staff shortages with nurses and doctors leaving for far better pay and conditions in places like Australia. We have massive waiting lists.

Staff are burn out and at the end of their tether.

The government makes no move to settle the disputes or put right the problems they have created. They want it to fail and the public to lose confidence. Then they’ll sell it off, lump by lump, to the American health companies. The Ministers will walk off with fat bonuses and we’ll have what they have in the USA – a very expensive system that works brilliantly for the wealthy but if you are poor you can forget it – you die!

They are doing the same with education.

They’ve already done it with power, transport, water, housing and the post office. Short-term gain, long-term loss. How’s that all going? Low pay for workers, higher prices, fat bonuses for bosses, poor service and sewage in the rivers!!

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