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Featured Book – The Antitheists Dictionary


A humorous irreverent poke at religion. (Not for the easily offended).

The Antitheist’s Dictionary


Opher Goodwin
The Antitheist’s Dictionary


This book consists of definitions of religious words interpreted by a cynical antitheist. It is humorous, offensive and controversial.

If you are religious and easily offended then I suggest you steer well clear.

If you are not religious (or are of a less sensitive nature to your more serious religious colleagues) then dip in and have a laugh along with me.

However, I should warn you; I have serious intent as well. I view religion as a social menace that should be kept clear of children, schools and the State. I believe history has shown religion to be a major source of evil in the world. I believe it creates war, misogyny, torture, hypocrisy, exploitation, bigotry and hatred. There is little good that ever comes out of it.

I hope all religion withers away naturally. Until then I respect your right to believe in whatever brand of superstition you wish – just as long as you do not try to force it on anyone else!

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