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This Week’s Featured Novel: Goofin’ – Pt. 1


I wrote this many back many circles of the sun when everything seemed young and fresh, full of wonder and possibility. I wanted to capture something of the Jack Kerouac Beat ‘On The Road’ vibe, but also the sixties vibe too. Of course, you never get close.

Those vibes have dissipated like a spray of perfume in a gale.


With the Cosmic Freaks


Opher Goodwin


This book is dedicated to Pete Smith, Jules, Praub, Pete Ayley, Janet, John, Bag, Tony, Maria, John, Nick, Lou, Rich, Carl, Tim, Billy, Ro, Erica, John Smith, Hat, Oz, Ginny, Bob, Ken, Glenys, Mutt, Booker, Lanky, Chalky, Snitch, Snatch, Wanky, Pussy, Jeff Evans, Gary Turp, John Lindsey, Jack, Dave, Roy Harper, Carol, Dan, Janet, John, Kathy, Tobes, Dave, Vicky, Rich, Lou, Eduardo, Bali, Liz, and all those other heroes of my youth who rocked my world!!

Where are you now? Those days live forever!


This is the ultimate sixties book – an ‘On the Road’ for the British Underground with all its sex, drugs, dreams and music; those times of crazy people high on life and mad for experience – when anything was possible.

It captures that idealistic naïve impossibility permeated with vitality and careering love and dreams, the wild rush for adventure without a thought for the future because it was going to last forever.

– Seemingly forever changes!

It spans continents as it trips its way through time, space and mind in a mad rush to discover life and experience or die trying.

Now was all there was and it had to burn, burn, burn or it was dead.

In the days of dope and poetry, where the world was ripe for changing, there was a mystical buzz of unity. In the shadow of an establishment that stood for war, prejudice, work, isolation and the rat-race with all it’s status seeking power games, racism and slow death signified by getting the lines straight on your lawn, Jack’s cackling laughter and bright eyes, death-defying madness and care-free attitude showed there was an alternative.

Maybe dope was never enough and when we grow up it is time to put aside childish things where they are confined to our dreams and memories. But somewhere out there Jack still lives where it is real.

We did change the world!Opher 16.8.2014

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