Women, Life, Freedom. (For Mahsa Amini & the women of Iran)

The Fight for Freedom and Equality goes on! Long Live the Revolution!

Opher's World

There’s a tragedy going on in Iran. The misogynistic fascist religious zealots are crushing the life out of brave young women and men.

The media carnival has moved on as they are being shot, beaten and imprisoned by ruthless old men and their mindless goons.

Women, Life, Freedom. (For Mahsa Amini & the women of Iran)

Women Life Freedom!!

We cut our hair

Throw off our chains.

They beat us.

They kill us

But the will remains!

Incredible bravery

In the face of death!!

We oppose injustice

With every breath!!

A regime of terror

In the name of God.

Enforced with violence –

Gun, gas and rod.

We stand together

For a better life!

The cry for Regime change

Is becoming rife!

Women Life Freedom!!

Equality for all!!

Fighting for our lives

With our backs against the wall!!

Opher 5.10.2022

The brave women of Iran are standing up against the…

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