Guest Post – Dave Burnham – The Failed Dishonourable Member

The Failed Dishonourable Member

The Failed Dishonourable Member

Struggled to bluff or deceive

Had enough to need to thieve

Wouldn’t take a second job

Neither schmooze nor hob nob

Wasn’t a second home owner

No contracts to dodgy donors

Found hedge funds unappealing

Cared not a jot for insider dealing

Stuck to the letter of the law

Had no investments offshore

Judgement and thinking rarely woolly

Refused to be a workplace bully

Had no trysts

Ever faithful

Never lewd or disgraceful

No affairs or eloping

Not one case of drunken groping

A mirror was for shopping

Dressed to the nines

Instead of chopping

Thin white lines

The constituents were hale and hearty

Such a huge disappointment to the Party


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