Roy Harper – Usher Hall Edinburgh – The Hall

Roy Harper


We arrived in Edinburgh in dazzling sunlight. I’m told it is always like that. I parked the car at the back and took the photo of Edinburgh castle from the carpark! The Usher Hall certainly has a great setting.

Roy chose it because it is an old hall built in 1914, holds 2200 rabid Harper fans – always poised to shout ‘Show us your bum, Roy’ at the slightest opportunity – and above all, has superb acoustics.


Inside the hall it is very grand and opulent in a faded kind of way. 

Going round to the front there was a great huge Harper poster on the side of the building.


And another at the bus stop.

 The hall was lit up in the sunlight and looked bright and cheery. I had a good feeling. I was not disappointed.

This was a memorable concert!

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