Roy Harper – Edinburgh Usher Hall Review – A Man for all Seasons!

I thought I’d have a pleasant reminiscence about a superb gig and good times.

Opher's World

Roy Harperp1140197-2 A Man for all Seasons!

I’d go to the ends of the Earth to catch a Harper concert – well at least the ends of the country! That’s pretty much what I’ve just done – from the Royal Festival Hall in the deep south of the Thames Delta in London to the Usher Hall in Edinburgh – the northern granite fortress of Scotland. (OK – not quite Land’s End to John O’Groats). And what a stunning adventure – out of this world!

I’ve seen Roy perform for nigh on fifty years and I can affirm that at the age of seventy five none of his musical skills or voice has diminished an iota. He is as good as ever. Like a good wine he leaves the brain intoxicated with a fine zest tingling the senses.

In the Spring of his career he was forceful, capricious and furiously blowing this…

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