Life Goes By

Life Goes By

Life goes by

                With us

                                Or without us

                                                Despite us

                                                                All around us

But for how long?

Just once

                On a bombarded rock

                                Dancing in the rain

                                                Wearing just one sock

A profound dunce capered.

Opher – 25.6.2022

It always seems amazing to me that on this tiny barren rock, in the middle of a vast ocean of stars, life began.

So much we don’t understand.

So much awe and wonder.

So many coincidences.

Instead of appreciating the stupendous circumstances that surround us we have to make up rigid fables and tie ourselves down.

Instead of respecting the wonders we are surrounded with we have to carelessly ignore them, destroy them and try to rule over them.

I can’t help thinking that we’re destined for a big fall.

7 thoughts on “Life Goes By

  1. Dear Opher,

    You’ll probably wake up after your death and go, “That was a pretty weird fucking dream.”


      1. To find that you open your eyes into such a wondrous universe only to find that a bunch of crazed monkeys are intent on wrecking it! Painful.

    1. I was thinking, after my previous comment, considering the state of our humanity – climate out of control, inability to fund a living wage, abuse of planetary assets, linked to the greed of the ruling classes etc – general discontent, … it’s as if we’ve borrowed and borrowed from the planet and we are so deep into debt, we no longer have the resources to pay it back.

      1. I know what you mean John, but I think we do have the resources to pay it back. It’s just greed gets in the way. Those in charge lack the will to pay it back.

      2. There’s the problem, those in charge are untouched by the crisis and lack the will to pay it back. By the time they get around to recognizing their culpability and doing the necessary to redress the balance, we may well have run out of time – and for millions, it’s already too late

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