So much for that Brexit Dividend, the Wonderful Trade Deals, all Oven-Ready. What a liar!!

£42 Billion wasted on a divorce payment to the EU just to sever the ties that were proving so fruitful. £42 billion wasted! God knows how much the real cost has been!! The loss of GDP, the financial services fleeing, the bankruptcy and loss or income, the skills shortages, the rotting fruit, the fishing industry….. All the things those extreme loonies called PROJECT FEAR!!! Now renamed PROJECT REALITY!!

Johnson, Cummings and Gove with their lies on busses. Rees-Mogg making millions!

Doesn’t bear thinking about. They have literally bankrupt the country – giving billions away to their chums or wasting it!!

Now we’re a land of austerity, strikes and little hope!!

The sooner we get back in and put a halt to the damage the better,. Our nurses, teachers, railmen, paramedics, doctors, posties, binmen and civil servants and all the other essential key workers deserve better than this!!

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