Up Shit Creek without a paddle! Same old Tory shit whatever the leader.

They are running around like headless chickens, panicking because they are over 20 points behind in the polls. They are going to lose power and the golden eggs that go with it.

That’s all they care about. It’s always the same old shit no matter how they dress it up – cuts, austerity and hand-outs. By the wealthy for the wealthy.

Nothing changes.

They tried slick greasy liberal, moved on to fake populist bonhomie, then crazed economic psychopath to boring supertoff car salesman. Whatever the brand it’s the same old river of shit. A river of sleaze, corruption and gross inequality. They’ve been waging a nasty class war while spouting about levelling up. The lies and propaganda have always got them into power. They arrogantly think it will once more.

God! I sincerely hope not!! I don’t think broken Britain can take another bout of vile Tory madness. We’re on our knees.

The door may be open but nobody wants to listen. Suck it up! It may kill you but it’s what you voted for!!

Are the scales falling??

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