It’ll Only End in Tears

It’ll Only End in Tears

If the unions keep pressing for fair pay

                It’ll only end in tears!

With offered them one hundred and fifty percent

                Spread over a hundred and fifty years.

How can the wealthy make huge profits

                If the workers demand to be paid?

There’s no money but the door’s open!

                There’s a deal to be made.

As for the public services

                What money do they make?

Parasites on the economy.

                You give and we will take!

With cuts and austerity

                We’ve pared them back for years

More profits for the bosses

                Time for tea and tears!!

Opher – 15.12.2022

For twelve years the Tories have imposed cuts and austerity on the public services and poor while skimming off huge profits for themselves.

Now the cost of living crisis, largely created by their own mismanagement – an appalling Brexit, wastage of billions in covid, plus corruption and sleaze – has brought working people to their knees.

When you are freezing and you can’t afford to eat you get desperate.

The only things that have blossomed under the Tories has been food banks and corruption.

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