Journey Pt. 4 – Oz – South West Rocks

Can’t find 1, 2 and 3. I’ll have another look.

Opher's World

Journey 4 – South West Rocks.

Every journey begins with a soundtrack. The soundtrack to this one was laughter. Loading up the van with enough wine to sink a tank we headed off to South West Rocks. Taking turns to drive as we motored along past the parades of gum trees and arid bush, stopping in a little town with sidewalks and rails resembling some cowboy town to catch an Ozzy health meal of pie and ketchup – the ketchup being one of your five a day! 

We arrived in the afternoon and stopped in South West Rocks for some provisions and directions. The rollers were tumbling in on a rocky bay with yellow sand beach. Butcher birds stalked us, a huge golden orb spider sat patiently in its web, an ibis strutted past, and down the road, near to where we were staying a mob of kangaroos were…

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