How to see better.

A while back I uncovered a great heap of ‘poems’ and notes from the late sixties. I’d stuffed them away and forgotten them.

These are from when I was eighteen/nineteen, grappling with reality, infinity and the world around me. They are full of idealism, naivety and wonder – as well as being completely daft.

All the things I love.

I’m typing them up.

It’s like visiting with my old self.

How to see better.

In the sunlight

                I see better without my glasses;

When things are hazy and blurred

                They blend together with each other

And the background.

                There is no distinct outline,

Everything merges.

Sharpness is an illusion

                Caused by our inability to see.

In the daylight

                I see better with my eyes shut.

The patterns flow

                Across my mind.

The darkness

                Is a mass

                                Of swirling colour.

If I could shut my ears,

                Along with all my other senses,

I could live in other worlds

                More real

                                And feel


Opher – Circa 1969

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