Today’s Music to keep me SsSssaaaAAANNnnnNEeEe in Isolation – James Varda – Hunger

James Varda is a name that should be on everybody’s lips. He was an exceptional ‘English’ singer/songwriter.
I first saw and met James when he was touring and supporting Roy Harper in the late 80s. A really nice guy, easy to talk to, slightly awkward on stage, seemed a bit shy, but that only added to the charm.
He had a mixture of fiery numbers, reminiscent of early Dylan in their passion and sentiment, and coupled those with some beautiful, wistful, lyrical pieces that were incredibly atmospheric and pastoral.
After the 1st album failed to break and his label went bust (Andy Ware’s Awareness), James sadly decided to call it a day.
After many years he made a comeback with a fabulous pastoral album.
That was followed by another long break and another delightful gem.
The final album was perhaps his best but was harrowing. He’d sadly developed terminal cancer. The album dealt with that, life, love and being part of nature – incredibly moving and spiritual.
One can’t help but wonder what a force he would have been if he had persevered.
Sorely missed! A huge talent!!

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