Anecdote – Early years in teaching, William Burroughs and censorship

Here’s what I wrote about that Burroughs incident a while back.

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Early years in teaching, William Burroughs and censorship

When I went into teaching I was determined to approach it in a different manner to the experience that I had imposed upon me in schools. A lot of my teachers were tyrants and I hated them. I refused to have the distant hierarchy of teacher and pupil. I insisted the students called me by my first name. For me teaching was a privilege. I was not there to force-feed reluctant kids with turgid facts; I was there to enlighten and expand minds, to promote thinking, questioning and discovery and turn on kids to the awe and wonder of the universe.

It did not quite work that way.

The world was not ready for me. The teaching staff thought I was a rebellious nutter and the kids thought I was being weak and played up.

Over my first year or two I…

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