Wilko Johnson – Photos from York 2013

Sadly missed! A great musician and showman!

Opher's World

Wilko Johnson was the driving force behind the great R&B Pub Band Dr Feelgood. Not only was he the main songwriter – doing all the stuff like Roxette, Back in the Night, Don’t let your Daddy know, and She Does it right – but he provided that great guitar and was the showman who created the excitement. He was brilliant.

Nobody did it like Wilko. He strode over the stage like a demented robot with a pudding bowl haircut and a guitar that turned into a machine gun.

The modern day Wilko, with the shaved head, still retains that stage presence despite the fact that its hard to relate to the stick thin man of the past. He still has the goggle eyed dementia and menacing strides.

A few years back he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and, in true Wilko fashion, set off to do a farewell tour. He…

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