Amazon Trip – Belem (Brazil) on motorbikes with a psychedelic pig – Photos

Our magical journey!

Opher's World

Day – somewhere around 20!!

The adventures of the Goodwin’s continue apace. Today we stopped at the town of Icoraraci and headed off for Belem.

The day started as usual for our last stop in the Amazon. I was out on deck at six thirty. Unfortunately, there was no sun. It had rained heavily but was now merely cloudy and humid. These are the best couple of hours of the day. There is usually a pleasant breeze and a temperature in the early twenties. Delightful.

Liz walked her usual ten laps of the deck. While I searched and managed to find a few large moths, though the number of insects has decreased. It is strange to hear the chirping of the crickets who have secreted themselves away in crevices all over the ship. I fear their demise is imminent. I’m sure the crew douse everything in pesticide. They all die…

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