The Amazon Trip – Manaus and the Opera House- Photos

A fabulous place

Opher's World

Day 16 or beyond (Sat 25th)

The alarm went at five thirty. I hit the deck for the sunrise – except there wasn’t any sunrise. On the deck the wind blew a storm, the boat rocked and rolled like Little Richard – and we’re on a river, not at sea!! Dark storm clouds were all around. I hunted for insects but they were few. The winds had blown them away. I found a couple of moths, the hardier type, plus a few heavier and more stream-lined beetles and the odd grasshopper. A disappointment.

I sat at the table and had a cup of tea in the gloom. There was a majesty to the scene. It was warm and atmospheric. It was also peaceful as the rest of the passengers were still in their cabins.

At lunchtime today we shall reach Manaus!


Well we did reach Manaus. In fact, we…

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