Putin Loses

Putin Loses

Putin will continue to wage war

Until such time as he is deposed,

Thrown into the dustbin of history,

Interred with the rest of the despots,

Never to be taken seriously again.

Legacies forged on propaganda,

Overlaid with a stream of lies,

Sadly believed by a multitude,

Erode on the winds of time,

Silenced by the volume of truth.

Opher – 11.11.2022

We are all hoisted on the consequences of our mistakes. For most of us these mistakes do not include killing hundreds of thousands, reducing cities to rubble, setting up torture chambers and trying to control a population with lies and propaganda.

It seems to me that the whole world is being run by a set of psychopaths.

We are all victims of their propaganda.

I was just playing with the first letter of each line.


4 thoughts on “Putin Loses

    1. Cheers I didn’t know that Neil.
      Stone and Jeanne are setting up a new writersbeat thing. If it gets going I’ll send you the link. Did the book arrive OK?

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