An Ocean in my head

An Ocean in my head

There’s an ocean in my head

                In which I fish for words.

Dangling metaphoric worms

                To catch adjectives and verbs.

I’m paddling through the letters,

                Swimming in the phrases,

Drowning in ideas,

                That always come in phases.

I’m trawling for a chapter;

                Harpooning a whole novel;

Sitting at my computer,

                Safe within my hovel.

The whole universe is in this sea,

                All within my reach.

I’m happily exploring it

                Before ending washed up on the beach.

Opher – 9.11.2022

I don’t know where these words, ideas and thoughts come from. They seem to materialise in my head.

When I’m talking out loud the words just seem to spill forth. Occasionally I lose one and either have to substitute another or leave a gap, then, later, that word pops into my head out of nowhere (same with crosswords).

I think it’s this strange phenomenon that makes public speaking so difficult. I don’t know where the words are coming from. I’m not in control.

Ain’t the mind amazing?

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