Guy Fawkes Day!! Fireworks Day!!

The days of yore!!

Opher's World

Remember!! Remember!! The 5th of November!!

When I were a lad we didn’t have any of these American practices, like Halloween – no Trick or Treat or dressing up. The first time I heard of Trick or Treat was when I was fourteen years old in a Chuck Berry song on Chuck Berry On Stage. I didn’t know what he was singing about. ‘Trick or Treat Baby and that means a kiss. Trick or Treat on a night like this.’

How things change. What happens in America comes right over here – good or bad! It seems we are a proxy State.

No, back when I was a boy we had Guy Fawkes Day and firework night!

We used to get some old clothes, stuff them with paper, Draw a face on paper and sellotape it round a ball of paper and make it into a head. Put a hat…

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