Brexit – Those with any sense!

It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to see that the country’s state is due to Brexit.

We have the rise of the extreme right-wing ERG nutcases who ousted moderate Tories.

We have the economy crashing with a drop in growth of a staggering 5.9%.

We have the decimation of the public services

We have warm spaces and food banks because of the state of the economy and the huge amounts given to the wealthy

We have sleaze and corruption

We had the election of an idle, lying self-serving buffoon who was inept and useless

We had a puppet truss

We have red tape, tariffs and huge expenses

We have skill shortages

We have had twelve years of austerity and another twelve to come

We are breeding billionaires and millionaires in the most unequal society ever

How intelligent is it to actually vote to be poorer??

The sooner we get back into the single market and customs union the better. That’s what we should have done at the beginning of this fiasco.

Oh – and kick these damn ERG profiteers into touch!!

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