New Sci-fi blockbuster!! Out Now!! – Unintended Consequences – Social and Political Sci-fi with a dash of humour!

Out Now!!

Opher's World

The sequel to the brilliant ‘Pornography Wars’ is the latest Sci-fi classic to come pouring out of Ron Forsythe’s keyboard!!

If you want something light, thoughtful and hilarious at times – this is it! A great read!

The politics and satire continues as our humans are set free from control and find themselves in a very different world.
While the aliens continue to argue about the future of pornography and the sentience of human beings, life for the unshackled humans is becoming very grim.
In the tridee film-making studio everything is fraught.
The populist Director General, with her advisers, is being devious.
The Minister for Arts is stoned out of her mind.
A campaign to give humans rights is being fought.
Will the humans find themselves controlled and back in the sex movie, or will they be free?

Available in three formats – paperback, hardback and digital.

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