Look out your back door! (A poem from my new poetry book ‘Broken Britain’ – Out Soon!)

Look out your back door!

Hey! Look out the back door!

                Can you see the start of a nuclear war?

Thousands of missiles darkening the skies?

                A future lost to greed, brinkmanship and lies?

Or is that a dark cloud or flock of crows?

                Only Putin knows!

In a world of madness

                The unthinkable becomes real.

                                An inevitable path

                                                That started with the invention of the wheel.

Flawed human behaviour

                Creates a world of pain.

                                A bunch of mutated psychotic apes

                                                With an endless pursuit of gain.

A tsunami of madness.

Never learning from history.

                Rational behaviour

                                Still a mystery.

Hey! Look out your back door!

                Is that the start of a nuclear war?

Opher 3.10.2022

When I look back through the history of ALL mankind all I see is violence, greed, exploitation and abuse.

Nothing changes.

Everywhere we go we destroy, kill, maim and torture.

The world is full of castles, fortresses and torture chambers.

We pervert every scientific invention to create weapons of destruction.

In the terrible destruction of Ukraine, we find mass graves, wanton killing, torture chambers and terror.

Why am I not surprised?

This is the species that thought baiting bears, bull baiting, Badger baiting, ripping live animals to pieces, dog fights and cock fights were family entertainment.

We are a sick species.

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